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Friday, April 21, 2006

My very own Pope joke...BTW: I do NOT know everybody!!

After several times of hearing all the stories of how my Dear Husband can't take me anywhere without seeing someone I know...a good friend came up with this during a chat the other day. I think he is only half right.

J. B. says: I should make you a sales rep. Considering you know EVERYBODY.
Kelly says: lol
J. B. says: Well, it's TRUE. I'm gonna start telling my pope joke with you in it.
Kelly says: I only know half of everybody and that would be the RIGHT half.
J. B. says: So this guy was on a plane and sat next to Kelly. He was amazed as people would walk past her in the plane, and say, "Hi Kelly." He remarked, "Wow, it seems like everyone in this plane knows you!" She looked around the plane, nodded, and said, "Yeah, I know about everybody."

The man asked, "Everybody on the plane?" She shrugged. "No, pretty much everybody."

The man laughed. "Surely not! Like you don't know... the POPE!"

Kelly smiled and said, "Oh, yeah. He and I were like THIS!" She held up her hand, with her fingers crossed tightly.

The man says, "Now I know you are pulling my leg."

Kelly shook her head. "No, I know everyone. Including the Pope."

"Prove it," says the man.

Kelly said, "You know, I haven't been to the Vatican for some time. I think I owe him a visit. Meet me there in three days, and I'll introduce you two."

The man thought, "Oh, what the heck," and made arrangements. He met Kelly at the Vatican city three days later. The crowd was pushing and shoving, wanting to catch a glimpse of the Pope as he stepped out on his balcony.

"So?" asked the man. "Now are you going to admit you don't know the Pope?"

Kelly said, "I'm going to go talk to him right now. Wait for me."

The guy laughed. "Right!" Then off Kelly went.

A few minutes later, she emerged on the balcony with the Pope. The two of them waved at the thronging masses, and chatted a bit on the balcony. After a few minutes they shook hands, and she left to find her friend.

She found him on the ground, unconscious, with a crowd around him. She hurried to his side. She asked one of the people around him, "Antonio, what happened to my friend, here?"

Antonio shrugged. "I dunno. I just asked him who it was that was up there on the balcony with Kelly."


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