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I pray because I believe, and I believe because I pray.

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Kelly is the mother of 5 adorable kids--4 boys and a girl. The girl came in a package with a boy (twins). Kelly is married to a charming young man who lives and breathes computers. They are also guardians for three nieces and a nephew.

She is active in the community having served as PTA President of a local elementary school, on the board of the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins, as a district round-table trainer with the Cub Scouts, as a volunteer for Sidelines (a support network for Women on bed rest during pregnancy) and she and her husband are active in the LDS Church.

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Helaman 5:12

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A pass along...

I've been tagged! Actually, I was tagged nearly a month ago, but am just now getting to it.

Tell us Five things about you that we don't know...

How this got to me: Susan Wu (who sent this into the gaming blogosphere)-> Raph Koster -> Broken Toys -> Mythical Blog -> MMODig -> Gaming Bitch -> World IV -> Rampant Coyote -> ~J --> and then ME.

So, what are 5 things about me you don't know?

1- When I was 13 I won 2nd place in the school science fair in junior high school and spent 2 long boring days sitting with my science fair project in the ballroom of the student union building at the University of Utah. My dad helped me design and build my very own photophone. This device was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. It sent voice over a light beam. His invention was the precurser to fibre optics.

2- I ran for student body office when I was a junior in high school and lost. Several friends convinced me that I should do it. I was part of the green party. The gold party won that year. I was running to be student body secretary.

3- I was in the pep club in high school for two years. We cheered at all football and basketball varisty games, marched in several parades and performed at a few half times.

4- I served as an LDS missionary in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina in the late 80s. I spent most of my time in West Virginia and the southwestern part of Virginia. Places like Galax, Pembroke, Bluefield and Roanoke bring fond memories.

5- I was in a square dance group when I was 12. We went all over the Salt Lake Valley performing for church groups, nursing homes and many other various events. I can also ballroom dance fairly well (swing, waltz, cha cha, etc.).

So now that I have said my 5 things, I now need to tag a few people. The general idea is it has to be 5 people. Lets see who can we tag who hasn't been tagged. John (Republicus), Nanc, Phelonius, Angel...well I know other people, but they have been tagged.


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On Thursday, February 22, 2007 7:57:00 PM, Blogger Phelonius wrote...

Hmmm...five things eh?

Let's see.

1. I have a part-time catering business for serving Texas-style b-b-que.

2. I am a Calligrapher and had run a business for that until Microsoft fonts made me too expensive.

3. I am a musician and play regularly on the electric and upright bass and have a recording studio here in the house.

4. My brother and I once nearly blew our heads off playing with fire-crackers and a small fire in our sand-box.

5. I once flew off the highway backwards at better than 60 miles per hour off of an overpass during an ice storm.

On Friday, February 23, 2007 11:17:00 AM, Blogger Kelly wrote...

I don't recall that I have ever had Texas-style bbque. In fact, I have never been to Texas, though I have a few friends who live there.

My husband does calligraphy, as well. He has never done it professionally, though.

So, how did you come to have a recording studio in your house? Do you like to record your owns stuff?

Fire-crackers are illegal in Utah, but I have uncles who used to have a little fun with them anyway.

And in the world did you survive to tell that last one? How high was the overpass?

On Friday, February 23, 2007 2:48:00 PM, Blogger Phelonius wrote...

Well, if you have never had Texas style b-b-que, you have only had the second best. It involves slow cooking the meat with wood smoke for long periods of time. I learned from my Dad, and the group he used to cook with once won the Jack Daniel's Cook-Off for their brisket.

As to the recording studio, I have played bass since I was in High School. My bestest buddy from 7th grade on and I learned to play together, but he lives in Kansas City now, so we trade tracks now via the internet and we collaborate together on various songs. Lately we have moved into a lot of jazz.

I have no idea how I survived flying off of the overpass, really. One thing that helped was that I tore down the median in between the lanes, and ripped up about 70 feet of dirt coming to a stop. If it had not been so frozen, that might not have worked quite as well. The overpass is quite a few feet up in the air, so if I had ripped over the railing I probably would be dead, but my forward momentum meant that I came to ground on a declining slope instead of a vertical impact. I decided, never-the-less, that I did not want that as a hobby. I watch for ice a lot more carefully now.

On Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:10:00 PM, Blogger Kelly wrote...

That Texas style bbq sounds yummy. I can almost smell it.

My 14 year old son is in the jazz band at the middle school here. He plays the tenor sax. He is hoping to eventually get into the jazz band at the high school.

You are one lucky guy! I would have had to change my pants after a "trip" like that....though it reminds me of a time I almost walked off the edge of a cliff. I was on a hike with some friends at dusk. We arrived at the top just as the sun went down. We could see the lights over the city (St. George, Utah) below. The rest of my group stopped some distance before what I thought was the edge. I wondered why and was about to walk further when I decided to stay back with the rest. I sat down....and put my feet over the edge. WHEW!! could have been that it was a short another landing below...but I was rather shaken nonetheless.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2007 10:56:00 PM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself wrote...

Hey Kelly..thanks so much for the visit and comments at my humble come agin!


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